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Milwaukee Drill and Impact Driver Set

May 28, 2023May 28, 2023

For many folks looking to get into Milwaukee’s system of cordless tools, a Milwaukee drill and impact driver set is a great way to enter. With two tools, a couple of batteries, and a charger, it’s a much less expensive way to get started.

But which one do you need? We’re taking a closer look at the six best Milwaukee 2-tool combo kits to help you decide.

FYI: Did you know that there are NO authorized Milwaukee Tool sellers on Amazon? If you’re looking for legit ways to save money, check out our Milwaukee Tool deals page.

The best of the best 2-tool combo kit is Milwaukee fourth generation M18 Fuel hammer drill and impact driver combo. While both Gen 3 models were excellent, there are some significant changes in making the upgrade to Gen 4.

The 2904-20 hammer drill gains both speed and torque. The top speed increases to 2100 RPM and the torque reaches a beastly 1400 in-lbs. With the additional torque, Milwaukee also added kickback control in its flagship hammer drill for the first time.

The 2953-20 impact driver keeps its maximum torque the same at 2000 in-lbs. The performance gains come in the form of additional speed, increasing 300 RPM to hit 3900 RPM in high mode.

There are two versions of this kit—standard (3697-22) and with One-Key (3696-22).

The kit includes a hammer drill, impact driver, two 5.0Ah batteries, and an M12/M18 multi-voltage charger.

This Milwaukee hammer drill and impact driver set is for professionals who need/want the highest possible performance and the injury risk reduction of kickback control. The drill can handle the largest hole saws, auger bits, and self-feed bits required for rough-ins and makes quick work of smaller holes. The impact driver tackles the widest range of fasteners, including some of the structural screws we’d normally use an impact wrench for.

The One-Key set is great for Pros who want customizable controls in each mode, as well as crib managers who want a smarter way to track inventory.

Price: $349.00 (3697-22)

Price: $449.00 (3696-22)

Milwaukee’s 3699-22 is the latest M18 Fuel hammer drill/Surge hydraulic driver combo. It upgrades the hammer drill to the Gen 4 model (2904-20) and keeps the M18 Fuel Surge (2760-20).

As a hydraulic driver, the M18 Fuel Surge has a start/stop pulse similar to an impact driver and is the primary screwdriving tool in this set. The big difference is that the hydraulic mechanism doesn’t hit as heard as the hammer and anvil in an impact driver, creating a softer blow that’s more like the push than a punch. Most importantly, it’s much quieter than a standard impact driver.

The kit includes a hammer drill, Surge hydraulic driver, two 5.0Ah batteries, and an M12/M18 multi-voltage charger.

The addition of the Surge to replace an impact driver is specifically for people who need to work with less noise. If you work in occupied spaces such as schools and offices, this combo kit is for you.

Price: $429.00

If you think of the M18 line as having good, better, and best options, the M18 Compact Brushless Combo is the better option. While the tools don’t have the highest performance, technology, or the M18 Fuel designation, they are still brushless and are very capable tools.

The 3601-20 drill in this kit produces up to 1700 RPM and 550 in-lbs of torque. Earning its “compact” name, it’s just 5.7 inches long. That performance level works great with a full range of twist bits and smaller hole saws, spade bits, and auger bits.

The 3650-20 impact driver boasts 3600 RPM on the top end with 1700 in-lbs of torque. It’s another genuinely compact tool, measuring just 4.4 inches long. While it can struggle with some of the larger structural screws, it’s right at home with smaller fasteners under 1/4-inch in diameter.

The kit includes a drill, impact driver, two 2.0Ah batteries, and an M12/M18 multi-voltage charger.

This kit is for people who don’t need the highest performance available and want to save some money but still have the advantages of brushless tools. It’s a kit that’s the most effective in the light to mid-range of hole and fastener sizes. If you’re thinking about getting the premium M12 Fuel kit but want to be on the broader M18 battery system, this is your combo.

Price: $239.00

Not every Milwaukee drill and impact driver has a brushless motor, and if you don’t need the higher performance and runtime, you can get into the M18 battery system at a pretty attractive price by going that route.

The 2606-20 drill driver tops out with 1800 RPM and 500 in-lbs of torque, putting it in a similar performance category as the 3601 Compact Brushless drill. In addition to having a brushed motor, it’s also a bit longer, measuring 7.3 inches across the head.

The 2656-20 impact driver comes in at 2750 RPM and 1500 in-lbs of torque. At this performance level, it’s a screwdriving specialist, great with most standard screws such as drywall, deck, and self-tapping screws.

The kit includes a drill, impact driver, two 1.5Ah batteries, and an M12/M18 multi-voltage charger. The 2697-22CT kit swaps the drill for the 2602-20 hammer drill and offers more effective concrete drilling.

If you want Milwaukee quality at the lowest price and are willing to go with brushed motors, this kit is for you. It’s odd that there’s such a price difference between the drill combo and hammer drill combo, and you’ll obviously save more money with the 2691-22 set.

Price: $199.00 (2691-22)

Price: $279.00 (2697-22CT)

The third generation M12 hammer drill and impact driver set brought with it notable performance and size changes.

The 3404-20 hammer drill actually dropped a little bit of speed, topping out at 1550 RPM. However, it increased its maximum torque to 400 in-lbs and brought its length down nearly 3/4 of an inch to 5.9 inches. It’s suitable for a full range of twist bits and smaller spade bits, auger bits, and hole saws up to an inch or so. Just be aware that while the drill can handle bits outside the range of twist bits, you’ll go through your battery more quickly than with the M18 Compact Brushless drill.

The 3453-20 impact driver gets a boost in speed (3600 RPM) and torque (1500 in-lbs). The design is also slightly smaller, measuring 5.0 inches across the head. It’s a quick little impact driver and its torque level makes it an appropriate choice for standard screws along with setting smaller nuts and bolts. It’s particularly handy in metal fastening, where its self-tapping screw mode helps avoid snapping screw heads.

The combo includes a hammer drill, impact driver 2.0Ah battery, 4.0Ah battery, and an M12 charger.

The debate for this Milwaukee drill and impact driver set is between it and the M18 Brushless Compact version. Installers and technicians tend to appreciate the M12 system’s smaller sizes and lower weights. Plus, it’s a broad system that includes cordless versions of hand tools, such as cordless ratchets, along with inspection tools, a cordless torque wrench, and much more. If you’re looking for a more compact set or the M12 system is more appealing, this is the combo to buy.

Price: $229.00

The M12 entry level Milwaukee drill and impact driver set features a couple of brushed motor tools with performance levels that Pros traditionally expect from a 12V system.

The 2407-20 drill reaches up to 1500 RPM and 275 in-lbs of maximum torque. At this performance level, plan on sticking with twist bits for drilling. While this drill can raise up from there somewhat, you’re going to want to step up a level or two if you’re drilling with larger bits consistently.

The 2462-20 impact driver has 2500 RPM for its high-end speed and 1000 in-lbs of torque. While it doesn’t have the speed and torque of Milwaukee’s other impact drivers, it does offer excellent control when you’re driving smaller screws.

If your needs are primarily light-duty and you’re on the hunt for small, lightweight tools, this combo can be a good fit. While Milwaukee definitely isn’t a DIY brand, there are a lot of handyman-type repairs and installs around the house that this set is really helpful for, whether you’re the handyman or a DIYer that appreciates a quality build.

The combo includes a drill, impact driver two 1.5Ah batteries, and an M12 charger.

Price: $169.00 (2494-22)

Price: $179.00 (2497-22)

The newest kits are a great way to get the highest performance, best features, and latest technology. However, keeping an eye on the combo kits they replace can be a good way for bargain hunters to score a great deal if/when they go on clearance.