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Woman Waits to Get Pulled Over for Cop to Screw On License Plate

Jul 13, 2023Jul 13, 2023

A TikToker who couldn't figure out how to get their license plate on their car waited until they got pulled over and had a police officer put it on.

Aug. 5 2023, Updated 10:38 a.m. ET

"Pretty privilege" dates back to ancient literature and philosophy, namely a concept titled kalokagathia, which effectively conflates the ideas of beauty and goodness being one and the same.

Perhaps these column-building thinkers and artists were criticizing humanity's tendency towards being attracted to folks who hit the genetic lottery and forgiving their faults based on this principle, rendering it an early form of critiquing "pretty privilege" and all of the potential problems it causes a society.

Or perhaps they genuinely believed in it, which might explain why Brad Pit was cast in Troy and appeared so well-oiled in the flick. Whatever our toga-wearing ancestors were thinking when they coined the phrase, it doesn't change the fact that pretty privilege does in fact exist.

The University of Buffalo's School of Management penned a study that folks who were found to be generally more attractive than others had far greater success rates at landing jobs, received more favorable "performance evaluations" and were ultimately "paid more" as a result of their breeding.

And it would seem that TikToker @222itsrapunzelb*tch may've showed another instance where "pretty privilege" or maybe just "girl privilege" comes in handy: during a traffic stop.

In their video, "Rapunzel" shows records from the interior of their vehicle, pointing the camera at the rear-view mirror which shows what looks like a person hunched over and working on something.

As she zooms in closer on the mirror, she reveals that the person is a cop, and a text overlay in the video reveals what the officer is working on, and why they're doing it.

"tried screwing my license plate on 2 months ago & couldn't get it so i decided it could just sit in my front seat w me until i got pulled over"

She did, in fact, get pulled over. But instead of screwing it in herself, she instead got the police officer to screw it in for her: "Today was the day, i rolled my window down & handed him the screws & my mini screwdriver"

TikTokers who saw her video had a host of different reactions, one commenter couldn't help but laugh at the fact that she didn't even get out of the car to keep the officer company or attempt to help while they screwed the plate in for her.

"The fact you stayed in the car while he did it"

And then there were other people who pulled the "clueless girl" card in order to get out of traffic violations.

One user wrote: "One time I got pulled over for not having my lights on. I told him I didn’t know how to turn them on since it was a new car & he showed me/let me go"

According to the response Rapunzel gave this TikToker, she found herself in the same situation and gave the same exact response.

Another ploy someone else said they used was pretending like they didn't know how to properly get an inspection sticker: "literally me when I got pulled over for having an expired inspection sticker and I said 'OMG where would I get a new one at?'"

Rapunzel says that they, too, pulled this ruse.

One female TikTok user said that a police officer who pulled her over for a brake light that was out just so happened to have a bulb in his car and he changed it for her too after she was pulled over: "I had an officer change my brake light once bc I didn’t have the tool to get in there… I cried when he came up to my window and said 'I have a bulb'"

But there were some folks who shared the ways in which they got themselves out of a traffic violation, thanks to some quick thinking: "I drove around with suspended plates for 8 months. Got into a car accident(no it wasn't my fault) & renewed them online before the cops showed up."

Interestingly enough, there's some research that shows men get out of traffic tickets more than women do, and a Cambridge University Press & Assessment study wrote: "The attractiveness of women seems largely irrelevant to the police officer's decision to issue a citation. In contrast, it is the attractiveness of the men that significantly reduced the likelihood of getting a traffic citation."

So maybe pretty privilege doesn't solve every problem, but you may just have more money to actually afford a pricey speedy ticket, on account of enjoying the potential for having a higher-paying job.