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Best Samsung Washer and Dryer Deal in 2023: Save $1,450 On A Top

Jul 09, 2023Jul 09, 2023

Samsung has no shortage of beloved state-of-the-art technology. Beyond the stunning Frame TVs and newest Galaxy smartphones, Samsung makes extremely smart home appliances too — like its line of high-efficiency front load washers and dryers that save you loads of time when doing laundry.

For a limited time, Samsung is offering $1,450 off its Smart Front Load Washer and Dryer bundle. Samsung's new Smart Dial Washer with FlexWash lets you wash two separate loads at the same time or independently with two washers in the same unit. Snag this washer and dryer set for nearly 40% off and upgrade laundry days for years to come.

Save $1,450 on a Samsung washer and dryer pair featuring Smart Dial FlexWash, Super Speed Wash, Smart Dial FlexDry and Super Speed Dry. The dryer automatically optimizes the time and temperature to protect clothes from heat damage. Meanwhile, Vibration Reduction Technology+ reduces noise and vibration for quiet washing.

Unlike the more conventional laundry machines, Samsung's top-rated washer and dryer set is one of the tech brand's most popular appliances and our readers' favorite for good reason. Equipped with AI technology to recommend the best cleaning cycles, these Samsung laundry machines provide a special antimicrobial CleanGuard protection treatment.

You can dry a full load of laundry in just 30 minutes with Super Speed Dry. The washer and dryer pairing also boasts WiFi connectivity and Smart Dial controls for added convenience. Samsung's SmartThings App lets you remotely start or stop your washer and dryer, receive end-of-cycle alerts, schedule cycles and more.

While Samsung's laundry set bundle is a particularly great deal for those looking to elevate their major appliances (friendly reminder: now $1,450 off, for a limited time), shoppers can also purchase the washer and dryer separately — and save $700 on each.

With two individually controlled washers in one, you can wash separate loads at the same time or independently, and wash each load with different cycles, settings, and options to keep all your clothing and fabric types clean and in great condition.

Combining a conventional large capacity dryer with a delicate dryer in one unit allows you to dry everyday clothes and delicates at the same time or independently, keeping all your clothing in great condition.

The early Labor Day 2023 Samsung appliance deals don't stop there though. Upgrade your home this month with more of the best deals on washers and dryers from Samsung's sale. For a full home refresh, check out the best robot vacuums from Samsung for every home and budget.

Samsung's best-selling smart washer and dryer set features AI Powered Smart Dial controls that help users to personalize their preferred washing or drying cycles. You save more when you bundle this duo together, and you get free installation and haul-away.

The large 4.5 cubic foot drum means you can wash more items in a single load. Samsung's innovative VRT Plus technology reduces noise and vibration for quiet washing every time.

Clean stained or soiled clothes in a breeze with the Smart Top Load Super Speed Wash Washer — which features a built-in Active WaterJet for more convenient pretreatment. The dryer's Steam Sanitize+ helps to eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on clothing.

This champagne, Samsung Smart Top Load Washer is as effective as it is pretty.

Schedule your next laundry load or remotely start your cycle with the Smart Electric Dryer's WiFi capabilities for easy connectivity. This dryer's Steam Sanitize+ helps sanitize clothing and reduce wrinkles and odors.

Samsung's brushed black Electric Dryer boasts 10 preset drying cycles.


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