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Beloved Dog Bolts During Fireworks — Months Later, A Familiar Face Appears On The News.

Jun 10, 2023Jun 10, 2023

During a camping trip in North Carolina, the Calteaux family lost track of one of their most important members. Lucy, their golden retriever, managed to get loose and run away after being startled by fireworks in the area. They searched everywhere, but the pooch was nowhere to be seen. To make things worse, the family had to return to their home in New York before they were able to find her. However, they weren’t about to give up!

Since Lucy ran off in April, people have been trying to help the Calteaux family locate her. Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, scoured the woods for any sign of the dog. Volunteers put up signs with pictures of Lucy in the hopes that someone might have seen her. Even strangers online got involved through the BRING LUCY HOME Facebook group!

Eventually, the family reached out to Teresa Tucker and Kelly Chatman from Tucker K-9 Search and Rescue, an organization that helps reunite lost pets with their owners. On Tuesday, the Calteaux family received a special invitation from WCNC Charlotte to appear on the news via video chat, where they could reach out to the public about Lucy’s disappearance. However, it turns out that news anchor Vanessa Ruffes had something even better in store for them.

“When I first reached out to you today, I told you that I had a reporter friend who was very familiar with these stories and had gotten a lot of success in finding missing dogs through her reporting,” she said during the video call. “I’m sorry to say that was not totally truthful, but I think that the special guest that I have to bring instead will probably make up for that.”

That’s when Kelly and Teresa stepped into the frame, accompanied by none other than Lucy herself! While everyone was overjoyed to see her, Dana Calteaux’s reaction was especially touching. She immediately burst into tears as soon as she saw her dog.

“We got her during COVID, and I lost my dad to COVID, and I stopped talking to everybody, and I only had that dog,” Dana said, according to WCNC.

Lucy was found in the Ballantyne area in North Carolina, covered in ticks. Although the golden retriever was a little skinnier since the last time she’d been seen, she’s otherwise in good health! The pooch’s family picked her up on Wednesday, determined not to lose her again.

“Oh, sweetie, you’re going to get microchip, GPS. You don’t even know what’s gonna happen,” said Dana.

Watch the moment that the Calteaux family sees Lucy for first time in months in the video below!

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